It’s Tomorrow!

Are you as excited as we are??

If you haven’t heard, we’re here to tell you about the exciting festivities on Saturday, August 13th! There will be events all day for the LoLoBee’s Lounge Grand Opening Soiree!! It’s not too late to join in on the fun!

  • We’ll be Releasing the Bees at Noon

  • Console Competitions start at 1pm There’s still time to sign up! There are prizes to be won; don’t miss out!

  • Timeslots available for anyone who wants to put on a show! You can reach out here, or just show up!

  • Story Time with LoLo at 6pm

  • Bee’s Piano Set at 6:30pm

  • Trivia at 7pm! If you still want to sign up, we can squeeze you in! 4 rounds, themes are: bees, coffee, the arts, and video games. There are prizes to be won; don’t miss out!

  • Second Line around the block starting at 9pm! Learn more about that here!

  • There’s some more timeslots available after that for use of our performance space!

  • Our final event: The Balloon Popping at 11pm! Some balloons will have prizes; what will you get?!

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