Show Us What You Got!

At LoLoBee’s, every night is open mic night.

Poetry? Music? Magic Tricks?

Set out the tip jar and showcase your talents!

Our space is one for creative expression and friends gathering. Feel free to come in whenever and do your thing!

We will occasionally have scheduled events, so be sure to check the calendar! And just know if the performance spot is already occupied, we’ll be open tomorrow (as long as tomorrow isn’t Wednesday).

Speaking of scheduled events, if you have a bigger ensemble and/or have instruments or props you want to set up, give us a heads up; and we’ll make sure there’s some space set aside for you and that your event is notated on the calendar. If you give us enough notice, we’ll even do some promo for you leading up to it!

Our space is waiting for you!

Feel free to reach out with any questions! Stop in during our operating hours: 12pm-12am, closed Wednesdays. Or shoot us an email at

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