Traditional Brewed

Our arabica beans are sourced fairly locally. Magnum Coffee out of Muskegon supplies our Organic Guatemala that is brewed to perfection and ready to be served to you!

Vietnamese Inspired Iced Coffee
(feat. Robusta by Nguyen Coffee Supply)

Robusta coffee, strong in flavor and caffeine content, is steeped over sweetened condensed milk.
This beverage packs a punch but the condensed milk makes it super sweet and creamy!

Barista Recommendation: While the VIIC is delicious on its own, add some Toasted Marshmallow syrup and whipped cream for a dessert-level caffeine boost!

Cold Brew

The same Organic Guatemala that we use for our Traditional Brewed is steeped for 20 hours to make a strong, smooth cold brew that is ready to get you through your day!

Barista Recommendation: Try adding Blackberry syrup and Coconut milk to your cold brew!


Caffeinated Options:
*Earl Grey
*China Green

Herbal Options:
*Chicory Root
*Lemon Ginger

Barista Recommendation: Any of our teas can be made as a tea latte; try Earl Grey with Vanilla and Oat milk for a yummy London Fog!

Matcha Latte

Our matcha powder is ethically sourced. It’s not too sweet, so it’s perfect for steaming into your milk of choice!

Level it up by adding a syrup!

Barista Recommendation: Do you like mint chocolate chip ice cream? A matcha with Peppermint* syrup and chocolate drizzle tastes just like it! Hot, iced or glacial!

Chai Latte

Local honey and ethically sourced Chai combine to make our in-house “Chai Concentrate.” Combined with your milk of choice, our Chai Latte is not too spicy, not too sweet!

Barista Recommendation: You can never go wrong with a Dirty Chai! Throw a shot or two in there!