Grand Opening Spotlight: Second Line

A second line is small parade led by a small brass band. The parade celebrates a special event like a birth, death, wedding, or—in our case—a business opening! The second line tradition is a convergence of Creole and African culture brought to New Orleans, and now LoLoBee’s brings this tradition to you! Join us in a parade around the block, wave your hankies in celebration, and grab a coffee at LoLoBee’s Lounge afterward!

This second line after our friends’ wedding in New Orleans ended at the after party bar where everybody celebrated the happy couple out front before going in to continue to get absolutely hammered!

We’ll close up lounge doors around 9:00pm so everybody can participate; we’ll open back up once we make our way around. If you’re fashionably late, that’s okay; there will be a table of handkerchiefs outside. Grab one and follow the sound of the brass band circling the block!

One response to “Grand Opening Spotlight: Second Line”

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