More About Our Mission

The following are a few actionable ways we adhere to our mission statement:

Local Vendors/Events

On our walls and shelves, local artists, your community members, have their art for sale. Whether wearable, hangable, stick-able, sip-able, etc.! Most of the events in our space are hosted by you and/or your peers! In these ways, we provide the cultural inflection point that builds up the community!

Click here for a detailed list of all of our current vendors.

Remember to keep an eye on our Calendar for all upcoming events!

Locally Sourced Products

Below is a list of ways we maintain local sourcing which increases our ability to be ecologically sustainable:

*Our flavoring syrups are by Hip Syrups out of Freeland, MI.
*Our arabica coffee comes from Magnum Coffee Roasterie located in Muskegon, MI.
*Our featured pastry and veggie quiche are from Barney’s Bake House Bakery here in Bay City, MI.
*The Honey we use is by Great Lakes Select in Onsted, MI
*We use Beet Sugar for granulated sugar.
*The majority of our furniture is thrifted or repurposed.

Sustainable Materials

Another way we can maintain ecological sustainability is by being conscious of the products we buy, use, and/or provide to you!

*Our teas are all Organic; the Chai, China Green, and Earl Grey are also Fair Trade.
*For-here teas are steeped in reusable mesh balls to limit waste.
*To-go teas are served with their loose leaf tea in unbleached tea filters.
*We offer Organic Espresso in our lattes and Organic Guatemala brewed daily.
*Our to-go cups, lids, and straws are all compostable.
*We purchase our business cards through Canva. They have maintained a carbon neutral footprint since 2020.

Prices and Policies

All of these would mean very little if they weren’t accessible. Our prices and policies make it easier for you to make the choices that make you feel good about your impact on this Earth and this community!

*We provide competitively affordable prices on menu items and retail.
*No extra charge for non-dairy milk substitutions.
*Recycling practices are in place behind the counter.
*We’re always willing to put your beverage in your clean, personal cup, if you’d like.

Check out our currently available concoctions new and old on the menu page!

Let us know if you have any ideas on any ways we can better live up to our commitment to the community! Send us a buzz to!