Small Bites



Ramen noodles, cooked to order! Chicken or Soy available.

Barista Recommendation: Ask for chopsticks!


A whole bag of movie theater butter popcorn.

Schnack Box

A mini cheese and cracker box. Just a little schnack!


A loaded veggie quiche from Barney’s BakeHouse Bakery. This breakfast egg tart has bell peppers and spinach.



A banana.

Barista Recommendation: I am a banana!

Ice Cream Option

Choose one from the following:

*Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich
*Mint Chocolate Chip Klondike Bar
*Drumstick: Ask about available flavors

Michigan Po’Boy

Brioche bread toasted, buttered, and topped with cinnamon sugar.

A breakfast go-to around here!

Featured Pastry

Usually this will be a muffin or cookie from Barney’s BakeHouse Bakery!

We’ve had pistachio, lemon poppy seed, pumpkin, and cranberry walnut muffins in the past. See what we have in stock today!