Our arabica beans are sourced fairly locally. Magnum Coffee out of Muskegon supplies our Organic Espresso. We use two shots of espresso and your milk of choice!


Three shots of Organic Espresso go into this beverage. Water is added; this, combined with the espresso, forms a traditional brewed coffee substitute that’s a bit stronger in caffeine content and coffee flavor.

Barista Recommendation: Since the Americano is so similar to black coffee, we recommend that you add any of the yummy things you like in coffee. Cream? Sugar? We got you!


The same Organic Guatemala that we use for our Traditional Brewed is steeped for 20 hours to make a strong, smooth cold brew that is ready to get you through your day!

Barista Recommendation: Add Vanilla syrup and Cinnamon Powder to kick a Cap up a notch!

Cafe Viennois

This tiny beverage is more like a caffeinated dessert! Two shots of Organic Espresso, topped with whipped cream, and served with a spoon!

Barista Recommendation: Put a little Chocolate Drizzle on top, and you’ve got yourself a little cup of tiramisu!


This tiny beverage is two shots of Organic Espresso and a dollop of just milk foam. Strong and creamy!

Barista Recommendation: Add some White Chocolate syrup for some sweetness that cuts the strength a bit without loosing the caffeinated punch!

Solo Espresso

This tiny beverage is just one caramelly, smooth shot of Organic Espresso.

Barista Recommendation: You’re obviously here for the buzz, might as well get more than one, make it a doppio! Or a triple! Even a quad?? Do it!