History of the Praline

Pralines by Roe Delectables; Vietnamese Iced Coffee made from Nguyen Coffee Supply

Pralines as the New Orleans local, like Lauren “LoLo,” knows and loves are a candy made of sugar and pecans. While their history goes further back, the praline was known as a Louisiana staple by the mid 1700’s. The confection was sold by vendors-pralinieres-in the French Quarter; creole women were able to pave a way for themselves in a time when it was virtually impossible for them to do so. These women would linger near the St. Louis Cathedral and surrounding streets promoting their sweets. While pralines over the years have taken on various forms, their standing as a fixture of New Orleans remains.
At LoLoBee’s Lounge, we have collaborated with Roe Delectables, a New Orleans bakery that’s owned by a long-time friend and previous colleague, to bring you a handmade, creamy, sweet pairing for your afternoon coffee. Make it a Vietnamese Iced Coffee for a real kick in the teeth that’s also sweet and creamy!

Visit The Louisiana Digital Library for more information on the history of the praline.

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