LoLoBee’s Tables

LoLoBee’s Tables

(Brought to you by The Blue Shamrock)

In Ben’s hometown in the Middle of the Mitten, there’s a pub called The Blue Shamrock. For as long as he could remember, his go-to spot for grub had these unique tables made out of the old doors of the upstairs apartments. The current owner went a different direction for his tables and was kind enough to donate them to our Bay City venture.
We spruced the tables up, added our own flair, and in LoLoBee’s they sit. Ready and waiting for you to host your next D&D campaign, or to cram for your next final!

If you’d like to visit their original home, head down to The Blue Shamrock in St. Louis, Michigan. Order the loaded fries and a Spicy Leprechaun!


Journey from start to finish!

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