Event Reminder: Do We Vibe?-May

Tuesday, May 30th!

A speed dating event that’s not just for romantic relationships. Cycle through stations, meet all types of people, utilize the question sheet if you need to, exchange info! Let us help you get down to the nitty gritty quickly! When the event is over, have your first date or friendly hang out at LoLoBee’s over a coffee and a board game, Mario kart match, or just some great conversation!

There will be 3 rounds, up to 4 stations:

Round 1

10 minutes per station.
Utilize the conversation sheet as needed.
This round is for the basics! Loosen up, get comfy!

Round 2

10 minutes per station.
Again, use the conversation sheet as needed.
You may already know their name this time, what other getting-to-know-you questions can you ask? How about getting-to-know-me answers you can give?

5 Minute Break

Round 3

10 minutes per station.
The conversation sheet will be there for you to refer to, but at this point you may be able to just pick up where you left off!
Don’t forget to exchange information!

Spread the word, bring your friends!

**All are welcome, no reservation required. Because of this, there may be more than 4 people per station. Which will mean that not everyone will move stations. It’s best that groups split up from the beginning!**

Remember to keep an eye on our Calendar for all upcoming events!

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