Retail Spotlight: Check out our vendors!

Two very important parts of what LoLoBee’s strives to be are: community building and melding of cultural influences. One way we bring these two together is by displaying and selling art for local artists. We want to help you find and support these creative individuals in your community!

Here’s a spotlight on some of the vendors (old and new) we’ve got displaying their talents at the moment:

Mystic Fox

Nicole has launched her own handmade jewelry line! You can find her designs at LoLoBee’s and on insta @mysticfox_creations

Olivia Cameron

Livvy’s work fits our lounge atmosphere wonderfully. Have some noods and buy some nudes! This artist has two works available for sale at this time.

Your True Colors

Bry’s aura paintings come with descriptions of the process and contact info in the back of the frame! She offers custom paintings as well!

Delmon Designs

Does your wrist feel empty? Delmon Designs’ bracelets have plenty of color options to choose from! Tony has also created some awesome string art pieces for your viewing and/or purchasing pleasure!

Sherry’s Crafty Corner

Sherry restocks her tumblers regularly! There are always plenty of options! Take your favorite LoLoBee’s beverage to-go in one of these adorable tumblers. Find her on Facebook, follow the link above, Sherry’s Crafty Corner.

Abandoned Projects

Cleric is selling art that has two purposes: for the enjoyment of your eyeballs, and as a catcher for the condensation on your drinking glasses! That’s right, these artfully crafted hexagons are magnetic and double as coasters!

Art for ze Publix

You may have seen these cute little guys all over the city! Now you can buy one at LoLoBee’s! Click the title link to check out the Facebook page!

Essentially Unique

Some yummy teas for sale! Kristie has a location in Bay City’s downtown area as well! Follow her on Facebook, click the above link!

David Hohenstein

This artist has some great works for sale! He’s just added some prints as well!

Rosalyn Skrzysinski

Rosalyn’s super colorful jewelry has been a big hit. Her pieces are super fun! Check out her instagram @d0paminejewelry

Flower Moon Market

Charlie has many unique pieces ranging from jewelry to wall art. They just restocked their pronoun pins! Follow them on Facebook! Click the link above! Or on Instagram @flowermoonmarket

Citrus Yeen

Nate has made some beautiful prints; there are a few different styles in a few different colors. Be sure to flip through them the next time you’re in!

Mindy’s Melts

These wax melts come in 4 different scents: Vanilla, Lavender, Cinnamon, and Eucalyptus!

Angela Napolitano

The stickers she has for sale are so cute! Check out her instagram @_angela.napolitano_

Fox and Wolf House

Kim with Fox and Wolf House is selling her handmaid leather keychains and bracelets. Give that real leather a good sniff next time you’re in! Find her on Facebook by clicking the title link!

Lex Scent Co

Lex makes soap and beard oil! Her scents smell so yummy! You can find her on instagram @lexscentco and Facebook by following the title link!
If you’re interested in being one of our vendors, send us a buzz at; and we may send some deets your way.

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