Event Reminder: Read In

What’s your current book obsession?

Bring it to LoLoBee’s Saturday!
Tomorrow, January 28th from 1pm-3pm we’re inviting anybody and everybody to read together!

Is there a book you’re currently reading? Or maybe one that’s been sitting in a pile of books that you’ve been meaning to read? Or how about a new one that you pick out just for this occasion?

Bring your book to LoLoBee’s! Read individually for a couple hours and then chat about how much you’re loving your books afterwards! Who doesn’t love info dumping their passions??

Book Exchange

If you’d like to participate in a book exchange as will, bring more book(s) that you’re willing to part with for a little while and trade around! Don’t forget to exchange information if you want to make sure to trade back!

Also a reminder that our donation box this month is for the Youth Protection Council in Saginaw. They are requesting book donations (among other things).

If you have any books you are willing to part with permanently, feel free to drop them in the box!

Remember to keep an eye on our Calendar for all upcoming events!

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