Reminder: Accepting Donations

We’ll have two boxes near the register to collect items.

Below is a list of items these shelters say they most need.

Bay Area Women’s Center

A shelter for women and children.

Most needed items
Phone Chargers
Age 6-14 Clothes

Also needed items
*Over the counter medications for adults and children (Tylenol, cold and flu medicine, etc.)
*Powdered Creamer
*Giftable items (scented candles, accessories, etc.)

Restoration Community Outreach

A shelter for men.

Most needed items
Men’s underwear
Men’s pajamas

Also needed items
*Anything warm

If you have anything you want to donate; bring it by the lounge, drop it in the appropriate box, and we’ll make sure they get it.


If there is a cause that you feel we can support in a similar way, reach out to and we may work on setting it up!

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