Featuring: Michigan Po’Boy

Some of you may have been wondering, “Their coffee is yummy, but I’m hongry. Y’all got any snacks?” Well, to answer your question, “Heck yes!” We have a few options under our Small Bites portion of our menu; there’s one that will be a point of nostalgia for many of you: the Michigan Po’boy. While the name may seem unfamiliar, the concept is near and dear to your hearts.

A po’boy, if you don’t already know, is so named because in the south is was a cheap lunch option. As a melding of Ben and Lauren’s upbringings, we bring you your favorite cheap breakfast option: cinnamon sugar toast.

Michigan Po’boy

Brioche bread toasted, buttered, and topped with a dusting of Michigan sugar and organic cinnamon.
Pair it with our Guatemala traditional brewed for all of the breakfast-y feels!

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