Rougarou’s Hart

Le Coeur de Rougarou

(Rougarou’s Heart)

n the late 1800’s, the LaRose family lived outside of what is now Houma, Louisiana. Their property lay on the edge of a deep and dark bayou. At night, the feral sounds that came from the swampy woods terrified the locals. Mutilations littering the tree line had terrorized the area for some time. With seldom anyone bold enough to venture out into that nighttime wilderness. Many in the area blamed the nightly horrors on the mythical Rougarou; they could not be convinced of any other cause. 

ne year, the eldest LaRose gifted his beloved a Junius Hart Piano. For he knew how much she missed making music in her childhood. When Madam LaRose sat down to play on the back porch in the evenings, an uncanny hush fell over those deep and dark swamplands. It took only a short tune, and the bayou would remain still until the morning. It was believed she had magic at her fingertips. Madam LaRose’s lullabies would fill the air for years at the request of the locals, lest the terrors return. It was said her music was the only thing that could calm the mythical Rougarou. The piano, this piano, became known to the locals as…

Le Coeur de Rougarou

Rougarou’s Heart

he piano stayed there—a tool used by the LaRose family to keep the beast at bay—until a storm decimated the area and forced evacuation. When the locals returned, a devastation had occurred; but the piano stood stalwart on what remained of the porch. The family then relocated to New Orleans, taking this piano with them. Katrina flooded the city, the very house this piano sat in.  When the family returned, they found the piano again undamaged. And now, it sits in LoLoBee’s, brought to rest with another descendant of the LaRose family, Le Coeur de Rougarou, or rather, the Rougarou’s Heart.


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