Deck the Walls

Deck the Walls Featuring: coffee by Magnum Coffee Roastery

At LoLoBee’s Lounge we strive to support local. Our arabica coffee options come from Magnum Coffee Roastery out of the Muskegon area near Grand Rapids, MI. Our flavoring syrups are HipSyrups which is a Michigan made brand. Our furniture has mostly been found and thrifted around the Bay City area. Some of our small bites vendors are also not corporate-sourced. As I sit here sipping my Organic Guatemala brewed coffee looking at our picturesque brick wall, I’m imagining floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall art. It was always the plan to support local artists, and now is the time.

Y o u r A r t H e r e !

Are you a creator? A painter? An artistic mechanist? Mixed media? Macrame? We’d love to help you get your name and works out there-whether they’re hanging on a wall, from the ceiling, or sitting on a shelf. Please reach out to us to get the process going to sell your art. Contact us at or stop in and get your very own Cup o’ Joe too. Organic Guatemala is on the menu now; up next is Jamaica Blend!

4 responses to “Deck the Walls”

  1. I don’t currently have a website but I have an art Instagram and I will put it in the website line. My favorite type of art to create is watercolor and color pencil pet portraits. I am currently working on a portrait of a kid and dog, I would love to expand my abilities and would appreciate getting more orders, thank you for this opportunity!


    1. Sounds great! If you want to send some examples of your work to, we’ll look them over and potentially send a contract your way for you to look over!


  2. Check out what I do! I can create anything really.. signs.. wood end tables and furniture.. custom orders.
    My old business Facebook page was recently hacked.. But I have thousands of pictures of things that I have created. I started a new site that’s growing slowly.


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