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Small Bites

Specialty drinks of LoLoBee’s past:


The Dirty Pie*
worse than finding a worm in your apple
Bat Bile*
Orange Mocha*
Molasses Cookie Latte*
Peppermint Hot Chocolate*
King Cake Cocoa*
Peaches and Cream Latte


Honeyed Peaches&Cream Soda
Witch’s Brew*
Berry Explosion Cream Soda*
Irish Cream Cold Brew
Citrus Breeze
Southern Sweet Tea


Glacial Campfire
Glacial BerryMatcha Lemonade
Blarney Blast*
Tiramisu Glacial*
Bayou Blizzard
Cereal Milk Glacial*
*Limited availability

Most drinks can be made hot, iced, or glacial. The above specialty beverages are categorized based on how we formulated the original recipe, but they can be adjusted to your preference.

Our Arabica offerings for Brewed Coffee change regularly

Brought to you by:

Magnum Coffee Roastery

Our Vietnamese-Inspired Iced Coffee is always made with a Peaberry Robusta

Brought to you by:

Nguyen Coffee Supply

Visit us in store for pricing and specifics on brewing!