Located just off Midland St, near the heart of the City by the Bay, sits a little lounge. This community space asks that you:

“Give [it] your [inspirational], your [collaborative], your [gathered] masses yearning to [express] free, the [bored peoples of your gleaming city]. Send these, the [listless, directionless] to [us], [we] lift [our space for your use of entertainment].”

Emma Lazarus (loosely)

Our History

A girl from New Orleans meets a guy from small town Michigan. The Crescent City was formed as an amalgamation of music, art, and culture. Bay City, along with Michigan as a whole, stands as a bastion of all the beauty of nature. What better way to appreciate the glory of the arts, culture, and nature than with friends over a cup of coffee? With these lie the foundation on which we’ve built our brand. Coffee may be the legal crack that fuels your day, while the arts are the tender kiss upon your soul. We should all find our lives interwoven with the beauty of many cultures. So show us your weird, messy, and fun life. Share it with others. Whether you like gaming, poetry – just want a place to see and be seen. Maybe there should be a punchline, or maybe it should be LoLoBees.

Lauren “LoLo” has been working in the coffee industry for 15 years. She loves the creativity that comes with having passion for coffee and is stoked to bring her bean water skills to the gathering, creating, inspiring masses at LoLoBee’s Cafe & Lounge!
Benjamin “Bee” has been with the [Redacted] for nearly 8 years. Before that, he spent several years honing his skills in the [Redacted]. He’s been known to make some things, but he’s destroyed a lot as well. Just as his pivotal involvement in The Chinchilla Farming Incident brought the casualties down to only [Redacted], so will his life experience applied to LoLoBees keep the casualties to [Redacted] or less.

Mission Statement

We strive to be an inflection point of varied arts, communities, and cultures over a cup of goodness while maintaining a focus on sustainability.